Having a credit is as good or as bad as you let it be. It can be the key to be able to make you of goods that you could not normally get by paying cash or it can be a very heavy commitment to fulfill.

Like us, what we want is that you get more opportunities, fulfill more projects and that credit works in your favor to open more doors, we want to give you advice to have a good credit history:

Be honest with what you can pay


Resources such as loans or credit cards give you the possibility of spending money that you currently do not have, but not being clear before requesting them if you are going to be able to pay them because afterwards you can unbalance your economy. To your total monthly income (also called net) lend you the fixed expenses you have, such as internet payment, gas, electricity, etc., including debts and the amount you allocate for savings. The figure you get is going to be your real ability to pay and the limit that you will be able to have to pay some other credit.

Do not be late in your payments


The fact of not paying on time can have effects on your history. Of course, if it is a delay of only a few days, your credit history will surely not be affected, but if they are recurring delays at some point it will be reflected in your history. In addition, the one that you forget or do not have what to pay them with will not only affect your history, but also your pocket since with some credits or loans, you will have to pay the commissions or interests generated by late payment.

Paying less is paying more


For those with a credit card, it is usually very tempting to pay only the minimum since you may think that nothing will happen with that, but you should use this as a last resort, not as a habit every month. Keep in mind that the longer you leave without paying your debt, the more interest you will accumulate and the amount you owe will grow . Also, do not fall into the trap of “No down payment”, since surely the lack of down payment will make monthly payments heavier to pay.

These tips are based on being honest with yourself and reading the tiny letters of what sounds very good to be true. For example, if we take your history into account before approving your request, but if you do not have a good one, it does not mean that you are automatically discarded, it is only one of several factors that we consider.

With these tips you will see how your credit history will be well taken care of when you need and want to use a loan.

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