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3 Bottle Chewing gum removal kit
3 Bottle Chewing gum removal kit
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Don't discard that favourite shirt just yet..

Gum removal on clothes has long been an issue. Ever since the invention of gum, people have wanted to chew it and it has fallen out of mouths and onto clothes. It also ends up in areas where  people sit or walk by and before long becomes an impossibly sticky mess on a pair of jeans, favourite skirt or jacket - pretty much anywhere in fact. Until now, chewing gum soiling on clothes has meant they have to be discarded because gum can not be completely removed as a sticky stain invariably remains.

Over the years, various gum removal methods have been tried and have failed. From peanut butter and salt to ice and washing detergent. Clothes affected by the gum can not simply be washed in the laundry as gum will not be broken down by detergent or by the water, alone. Often all that happens is that the gum stains another article of clothing in the wash and then there's double the trouble. There is also a wide range of commercial cleaning supplies that claim to get gum out but unfortunately these are often unfit for use on clothing and do no good.

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