AI audio enhancement company Audiodo receives investment from songwriters Savan Kotecha and Carl Falk


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Songwriters Carl Falk Gramer and Savan Kotecha have invested in Audiodo, a Sweden-based audio tech company.

Audiodo claims to have developed an AI-based technology that improves and improves the individual listening experience of headphone users, reports MBW.

How Audiodo improves your headphone listening experience

To determine your hearing strengths and weaknesses, you can use an app to take an audio test. And with the use of algorithms, the app can locate different frequencies that need to be adjusted to accommodate variations in your hearing!

Audiodo states that their technology can provide “an accurate and thorough understanding of your hearing” in less than three minutes!

The company states that its patented technology consists of “sophisticated coding and sophisticated algorithms that adjust audio to perfectly match your unique hearing characteristics.”

Additionally, Audiodo’s website states that its firmware libraries are integrated into the Bluetooth chipset of headphones during their production process. Should we expect seamless compatibility as a result?

Savan Kotecha and Carl Falk Gramer invest in Audiodo

This isn’t Savan Kotecha’s first startup investment. In fact, he has previously invested in distribution and payments platform Stem, and is also a shareholder in AI-powered record label Snafu Records.

Carl Falk Gramer has won 9 BMI Awards, 13 ASCAP Awards, two Billboard Music Awards, and is Grammy and Academy Award nominees.

Falk Gramer said: “My immediate reaction to the product was ‘I love it’.

Carl Falk GramerA cool and simple idea that everyone can benefit from. When I tested Audiodo Personal Sound and saw my personal hearing profile, I was dying to learn more. As a producer, music lover and artist, I want to learn more about sound and hearing. I’m conscious of my own hearing and I know what and how I hear, but Audiodo Personal Sound presents a whole new world that I’m looking forward to.

We are pleased that leading music industry professionals have experienced our product as a breakthrough for music lovers. It’s a testament to our hard work and this brilliant innovation.

Amir Sheikh, CEO of Audiodo

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