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From dopamine dressing to radical self-acceptance, explore how you can unlock a limitless version of yourself

Hello happy readers,

What is your favorite color? Wait, let me guess. is it blue

It’s a trick by Lauren Labrecque, an associate professor at the University of Rhode Island. Lauren would ask her students the same question since she had already prepared a slide with her prediction: 80% of the answers would be blue.

It’s a safe bet. Studies and surveys worldwide have consistently shown that blue is the most common “favourite color” among adults. Scientists don’t really know why this is the case, but if you’re worried it means we’re all the same, you shouldn’t be. Colors are subjective; Not only do we see them slightly differently, but we also project our individual experiences, emotions, culture and associations onto them. The result is a personal palette that tells the story of our lives that could never be replicated or even fully understood at present.

However, if you’ve ever had a “What does your favorite color say about you?” Quiz, will you know there’s something about being told you like the color green means you’re reliable, which really hits the spot, even if the science is dubious.

It’s an interesting insight into the way our preferences feed into our sense of self and vice versa. When it comes to our wellbeing, feeling like we can understand and express ourselves is key. When you always make decisions in line with your honest desires, needs, and values, those decisions become much easier. So how do we get to this point?

In Issue 65 we get to the bottom of it “Dopamine Dressing” and meet the colorful people who will challenge you to think differently about fashion and self-expression. And our print-exclusive journal pages are a place to explore a limitless version of you.

But you also have to face the hard stuff. We unpack the concept of “Favourability” in the workplace on page 14 and scroll to page 25 and you’ll find a reflection on what would happen if you practiced in a world that wanted you to hide your struggles radical self-acceptance?

This print edition also includes:

Fascinating features including an ancient Greek secret to inner joy, the beneficial power of morning pages, advice on challenging a mental health misdiagnosis, and how to keep intimacy alive in long-term relationships.

Essential life hacks from recognizing fears over time to talking to your boss about burnout and dealing with a mismatched work-life balance with your other half.

expert input on a range of topics including adult bullying, myths about narcissism, why we ignore red flags in relationships, and the long-term effects of financial trauma.

What does an honest, open, self-celebrating me look like? Join us as we get to the core of what makes us who we are.

Kathryn Wheeler
guest editor

Happy Edition 65 spread

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