Experts point out the risks of TikTok’s “5 to 9 ahead of 9 to 5” productivity trend


TikTok users are loving the 5 to 9 before 9 to 5 viral productivity trend that sees people establishing a healthy routine before and after the work day, but experts have highlighted some possible risks of the trend.

There are so many different communities on TikTok generating a constant stream of content. In particular, many users enjoy watching content related to health and productivity to try and find ways to improve their lifestyle.

This can be anything from quick and healthy recipe videos to productivity lifehacks. One trend, the “5 to 9 before 9 to 5,” is particularly popular the app all year 2022.

As the name suggests, this productivity trend is leading users to establish a 5am-9am morning routine ahead of their regular 9am-5 workday. It also includes the hours after the working day, when it ends at 5 a.m.

People use these hours to do everything from cooking and cleaning to reading and yoga, but these routines differ from person to person.

Corresponding Habit scientist and nutritionist Dr. The New York Post’s Gina Cleo supports the idea, saying, “There’s a finite number of hours in a day, and using those hours productively can give us a real sense of accomplishment.

“Whether you’re dedicating time to self-care, personal development, or optimizing your health and wellness, creating a healthy 5-9 routine before your 9-5 workday can be a great way to maximize your waking hours.” optimal use.”

However, she added that there could be potential risks and harms to be aware of if you’re thinking of trying the trend.

“Possible harms can include sacrificing sleep for ‘productivity’, trying to fit too much into a day, feeling inefficient when your body needs to sleep in or rest, overly concentrating on your routine, and consequently neglecting to listen to your body’s needs,” she said.

dr Cleo added: “If you’re a natural night owl, then trying to do something at 5am or even 7am probably feels completely out of reach.

Sleep is one of the most important things you can do for your health. So if you naturally wake up just in time to get ready for your 9-to-5 job, don’t feel bad about not accomplishing anything in the morning. Night owls generally do their chores, study, exercise, etc. after their work day, not before.”

The 5-to-9 trend has received mixed feedback on TikTok, but videos featuring the routine have garnered millions of views and likes.


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