Is WWE Ex-Boss Vince McMahon In More Trouble Over His Sexual Affairs? “Not done yet,” say reporters, who reveal his dirty secrets

More shocking revelations about Vince McMahon? (Photo Credit – WWE Episode Still)

Ex-WWE boss Vince McMahon faces media and pro-wrestling heat amid ongoing investigations into his alleged sexual affairs with former female employees. It was the Wall Street Journal reporters who broke Vince’s dirty secrets to the world, and wait, they’re not done yet.

Last month, the first report of Vince’s alleged sexual affairs came to light. It states that the former WWE Chairman paid a huge sum to one of the former WWE employees in accordance with the non-disclosure agreement. It prompted reactions received from several sections. Amidst this came another report of Vince’s sexual misconduct last Friday that made waves in the pro wrestling world.

According to the Wall Street Journal’s recent report, Vince McMahon had sexual affairs with four other former employees, one of whom was a wrestler. WWE’s ex-CEO reportedly forced oral sex on the wrestler and paid her a huge sum to keep her mother according to her legal deal.

Joe Palazzolo and Ted Mann, who were breaking stories about Vince McMahon, were recently asked if the exposure of Vince’s dirty secrets was complete. Speaking to Busted Open Radio, Palazzolo said: “I think it’s probably not done yet. And we’ll keep you posted.” Adding if people could expect another sensational reveal about WWE’s ex-CEO, he said, “All I can say is that we don’t know about another one $7.5 million Confidentiality Agreement.”

“If you ask if there’s anything bigger than a $7.5 million, no. It’s not something we have in our back pockets. We left everything on the field in this story. There are a few things we didn’t know that we’re still reporting on. And sometimes, with similar scandals elsewhere, there are people who have something to share who are a little more encouraged to speak up when something has happened from the initial coverage. We’re still working to find out if there are people like that out there,” added Joe Palazzolo, hinting that more shocking stories could surface in the coming days.

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