Laura McGoldrick on happiness, life hacks, and emotional health


Laura McGoldrick says prioritizing fitness is key to her happiness and well-being. Photo / Included

Laura McGoldrick is a television presenter, actress and co-host of the drive show The Hits. She is married to Black Caps cricketer Martin Guptill and mother to 4-year-old daughter Harley and 1-year-old son Teddy. Here she shares how she keeps fit and healthy and who she leans on when she needs help.

The best way To get up in the morning and get going, I have to set two alarms just in case and get my clothes and bag ready the night before. So I’m ready to get up and go!

My morning routine starts with a virtual group workout class at home in my garage. It’s called ShadowCamp and I’m joined by a community of women who are all supportive of one another. Classes are usually around 30 minutes, so you’re in and out. It’s my “me” time before my kids wake up. After that I make my kids breakfast and then it’s kindly over.

I can’t start my day without it a good cup of coffee and a cuddle with my kids.

presentation for me all about how i feel. When I’ve done my morning exercises, am well hydrated, and had a good breakfast, I feel most presentable and at ease with myself. I don’t usually wear a lot of makeup, usually just a touch of mascara unless I need some glamor for TV, although I do think there’s a lot of power in a good lip gloss!

I feel best when i love me This year one of my New Year’s resolutions was to keep my body hydrated every day. I know it sounds a bit silly, but it’s such a simple task that takes less than five minutes and it can make a huge difference in doing something good for myself every day.

To stay fit and healthy I prioritize physical movement of my body every day. I try to teach a ShadowCamp class every weekday and on the weekends I take my kids for long walks.

To stay mentally and emotionally healthy

I like to take time for myself without my cell phone. I think it’s important to disconnect from the world sometimes.

Laura McGoldrick on a weekend walk with baby Teddy.  photo/supplied
Laura McGoldrick on a weekend walk with baby Teddy. photo/supplied

The best advice

I’ve always been told that your mistakes don’t define you and that you don’t care about the little things. We can all push ourselves so hard at times, but we’re only human. When I make a mistake, I try to learn from it and see the positives in it and move on.

The values ​​I live by Family is everything and time is precious.

As I get older, I’ll realize it the importance of prioritizing who and what you spend your time with.

When walking is difficult, I say to myself “I can do anything” – and rely on my mother and my best friend, even if they only remind me that I can do it. It’s important to have people to go to when things are difficult. And as hard as I can be, I know I can always ask her for help.

The things that make me the happiest are my family, my friends and a good glass of wine!

You will find me on Sundays buy a Cheesymit scroll at Baker’s Delight to treat myself to on my way home before we take the kids to the playground or park.

My best life hack In winter, put your sports clothes on the heated towel rail the night before. When you wake up, your gym clothes will be warm and you will be more motivated to get your body moving.


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