My favorite old YouTube videos


I was feeling nostalgic today and decided to re-watch some of my very favorite internet videos of all time. please clap

First off, this 2015 Elephant Shrew x Phantom of the Opera mashup remains my favorite video on the entire web. According to Know Your Meme, the original clip of the elephant shrew was from a nature show and included a narrator who said, “Take a closer look at that snout!”. It was uploaded by YouTuber LiLAH4 in 2010, and the clip was quickly picked up by enthusiastic content creators, who edited it and added other graphics, music, and commentary. May the person who screwed it up Phantom of the opera be blessed forever.

Next, I can never get enough of this compilation of seemingly (really bad, terrifying) acting auditions from the 1980’s or 1990’s. The video is called You Might Stop at Five or Six Shops, and the clips aren’t actually auditions, but excerpts from various acting classes taught by the Sarantos Studio of Acting. Thank you to the Sarantos Studio of Acting and to the cast – Carla Shaw, Todd La Rue and those not named in the video – for sharing this brilliance with us. To quote Todd La Rue when I watch these clips, “I feel like a deer in the headlights of love!” (To learn more about these bizarre-looking videos, I found this great explainer video).

Finally, the highlight, Microw Jupiter’s “You’re tearing me apart feat The room, accompanied by dubstep music. The video quality is absolutely terrible. Apparently the version currently available on YouTube is a re-uploaded version as the original HD version was removed years ago. But you can still enjoy the movie clips with famous lines from The room—”You’re tearing me up, Lisa!” “Oh hi Mark”, “Leave your stupid comments in your pocket”, “I got the results of the tests back, I definitely have breast cancer”, “Everybody cheated on me, I’m sick of this world” and “How could you tell me that do?” – Prepare yourself for the fantastic dubstep.


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