The 10 coolest codenames in anime, ranked


Anime is full of cool characters, but which of these characters has the coolest name? Goku and Naruto are classics, with Naruto’s name even standing for the title of each respective series, but none competes with the best of the best anime code names.

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Spy x family proved that a little discretion can add a certain level of coolness to an anime series. The same goes for a name, as code names outperform their government-issued counterparts in every way. For example, not a single anime fan would disagree with the fact that Zerowas a better nickname than Lelouch Vi Britannia.

10 Deku Turned a Joke Into a Superheroic Symbol of Hope (My Hero Academia)

Izuku Midoriya may not be the coolest student at UA High School, but he’s still the best and the brightest. Every day he comes to class, he grows both as a hero and as a person.

One of the moments that marked Izuku’s growth was when he adopted his childhood nickname as his superhero name: Deku. What was once used to mock him would become a symbol of hope for the people of Japan. Deku might not be the coolest word on its own, but when paired with a story like this, it earns a few points.

In a world where alchemy serves as the primary power system, a full metal body is the greatest lifehack in lifehack history. Without all the nerves, muscles, and tendons that hold it together, the human body would be the supreme weapon in the hands of a skilled alchemist.

That’s what makes the Fullmetal Achemist codename so cool. The name lends a mysterious and influential dimension to Edward Elric’s character that can only be understood by someone with an extensive knowledge of the world’s energy system.

8th The Atomic Samurai Attracts Fans With Just One Name (One-Punch Man)

The world of One punch man may be full of parodies, jokes, and memes, but that doesn’t mean it’s not cool. Between Geno’s character design and superhero codenames like Atomic Samurai, One punch man can convince both fans of cool anime action series and comedy lovers.

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The Atomic Samurai is not a major player in the storyline of One punch man, but he has an incredibly cool code name and character design. Perhaps in future arcs, fans will get a chance to see more of the nuclear power behind each of these samurai’s attacks.

7 Twilight is at the top of the world’s vast spy network (Spy X family)

The protagonist of Spy x family is known by many names, but the one he can’t seem to shake is his codename Twilight. As Twilight, the man currently known as the Loid Forger has access to one of the largest spy networks in the world.

Additionally, Twilight is a force to be reckoned with, even without reinforcements. A master of disguise and a true genius, Twilight is just a one-man army capable of crippling a world government in a matter of months, regardless of the obstacles in his path.

6 Light Yagami’s actions earned him the title of Kira (Death Note).

Light Yagami’s foray into the world of Shinigami and Death Notes came with a codename used by the world to denote the untraceable killer. Kira, the mass murderer who swept the world of those deemed unfit for modern society, would eventually go down in history as one of history’s most ruthless serial killers.

With a name derived from the English word “killer,” Light tormented the world with nothing but a pen and a magical stack of paper. Kira is a simple, intimidating, and most importantly, incredibly cool codename that would win as many worshipers as naysayers during its time in the cultural lexicon.

5 The Demon of the Mist still commands fan respect decades after its debut (Naruto).

The Seven Ninja Swordsman of the Nebula is one of the coolest group names to ever hit the anime screen, so it only stands to reason that a member of this group would have one of the coolest code names as well.

Zabuza, known to the world and his kind as the Demon of the Mist, is one of the first antagonists to derail Team Kakashi in the original Naruto Anime series. Zabuza’s mark on the fandom can be attributed to his incredibly cool codename, an impressive display of jutsu, and his gentle heart when dealing with the likes of Haku.

The former king and president of the Sindria Trading Company was such a popular character in the original Point series he spawned called his own spin-off series Mage: Adventures of Sinbad. Sinbad has earned his fair share of names over the years.

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Sinbad Highness has been called the royal vessel, world restorer, and a prime singularity. This latter designation could be an allusion to the Point Energy System, but it also functions as an incredibly cool codename. Few could deny that Sinbad: First Class Singularity has a good ring to it.

3 The Princess of Thorns is Loved by Fans and Feared by Everyone Else (Spy X Family)

Yor Forger might not have as many code names as her husband, but she does have one that’s cooler than all of Twilight’s aliases combined. The Thorn Princess is a violent assassin who strikes down her targets with a pair of golden thorns.

Carrying two thorns may not seem wise in a world where both supernatural abilities and guns litter the streets, but Yor makes good use of her signature weapons. So good, in fact, that she’s earned a reputation as one of the world’s most reliable hit men.

2 The leaf’s yellow flash performed its missions in a blur (Naruto Shippuden)

It took some time for fans to learn about Minato Uzumaki and his incredible teleportation jutsu. The man who served the village as the Fourth Hokage, hidden in the leaves, once roamed the world as a world-famous shinobi.

During this time, Minato went by the codename “The Yellow Flash of the Leaf”. This name was not chosen, but rather given, as Minato made a career out of tracking down his enemies at breakneck speed. Few could match Minato’s speed or chakra pools, and even fewer could match the sheer pride that followed him through every twist and turn of his life.

1 Lelouch saved his kingdom codenamed Zero (Code Geass)

The story of Lelouch Vi Britannia is one for the history books, but not all of his achievements are recorded under the Lelouch name. After joining the rebels who were attempting to dethrone the Britannia family, Lelouch adopted the codename “Zero” and assumed leadership of this rebellion.

Lelouch’s codename was so influential that it was adopted by other rebels after the protagonist’s death. The Zero name went down in history as a symbol of anti-British sentiment and an independent Japan. On top of that, Zero’s character design is incredibly cool.

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