The Way of the Househusband live action special is well worth seeing


When Netflix added the 2021 adaptation of The Houseman’s Way, viewers expected a crazy slice-of-life series. While not everyone was captivated by the mundane themes of adult life or the unique animation style, for the many who now love this anime, the news of the second season premiere slated for the fall is something to look forward to be able. In the meantime, there’s more for fans to enjoy than just re-watch the short anime.

For those who love The Houseman’s Way, The ingenuity of the homemaker is another hilarious slice of life series that teaches fans some of the most genius life hacks. It also won’t take much time to watch, which is helpful between anime seasons. While viewers are waiting for the next batch of anime in the fall, they can take a little time The ingenuity of the homemaker.

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The live-action special titled The ingenuity of the homemaker is easy for anyone to dive into, even those who haven’t seen the anime or read the manga. For those thinking of giving this series a shot, enjoying the slice-of-life genre is a must – and for those who love reality television, this series is an even greater treat. Like the anime, each episode is different and there isn’t an overarching storyline to keep up with, but there’s still a lot that is brought to viewers.

Based on the daily life of actor Kenjiro Tsuda, who voices the immortal dragon Tatsu, each episode presents the stoic man with a different household problem. Self-described as a dedicated homemaker, Kenjiro approaches each challenge with intensity and also with helpful narration to teach audiences how to copy his methods. It’s not too often that viewers see a voice actor playing himself in such a fun role, let alone taking center stage in a live-action series.

With Tsuda’s intentionally over-the-top performance and comedic timing, the instructions are more entertaining and engaging than the typical DIY video. Whether viewers are looking for entertainment or want to learn something new, The ingenuity of the homemaker delivers. Tsuda’s wry humor is enhanced by the production staff’s perfectly timed editing and camera work, giving viewers another reason to watch.

Once the viewer is captivated by the comedic and educational aspects of this special, the other assets of the series can shine. One of the most common complaints about the anime is the animation galore, which some found comedic and effective while others found it half-hearted and disappointing. Because this special is live-action, viewers won’t have to contend with conflicting opinions about the animation. In fact, it would be surprising to find complaints about the production quality of this series as the cinematography is top-notch.

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Aside from the basics of showing the right angles and having the right lighting for Tsuda’s directions, the camerawork is crisp. It helps focus on the educational aspects of the series, but also illustrates the relaxing benefits that the slice-of-life genre can offer. When Tsuda is not teaching the ways of the househusband, the viewer is rewarded with a glimpse of the actor’s surroundings, which often include his adorable cat. If the many benefits of this series don’t convince certain viewers, at least the series is short enough not to lose too much time from the day.

The longest episodes of The ingenuity of the homemaker are only six minutes long, while the shortest episodes are three minutes long. This is the kind of series that doesn’t hide any secrets and shows itself all by itself in the first episode, so it doesn’t take much time to give it a try. Overall, the entire special is 45 minutes long, making it an easy binge watch that’s perfect for the end of the summer anime season. Between the summer and fall seasons, anime fans need some sort of placeholder while waiting for their favorite series to return, and with so much to offer, The ingenuity of the homemaker is a worthwhile pastime.

For fans of The Houseman’s Way In particular, this live-action special, starring the voice actor of the ever-popular ex-Yakuza, is a great way to bid the time leading up to the Season 2 premiere in October. The deadpan humor and pro tips take on a resemblance to the anime that fans will love, and it’s a great departure from animated series that still offers the same perks that a slice-of-life anime comes with brings. A quick 45 minutes is enough to learn the ways of the homemaker.


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