This Ouai spray has helped my hair hold curls longer than ever


Don’t just take my word for it, check out these reviews from buyers who are just as impressed.

Ouai Texturizing Hairspray reviews

One shopper gushed, “Kept my amazing curls with Lollapalooza! I love the smell, how my hair feels compared to other hairsprays and the can. Super happy with the product mist my hair with my Dyson hair dryer. Really lovely Ouai products!!”

Another explained: “In love! I have fine, medium length hair that is straight. I usually curl curls with steam rollers, but I’ve started using a curling iron. I sprayed this both before and after curling and holy cow it’s like I have three times the hair. This is my first time using it and I will be buying several bottles to stock up.

Another explained: “I love this product for styling my hair. It is super light and has a very light scent that is pleasant. I use it on a strand of hair before using the curling iron. It really helps hold the curls and is easy to brush through. I also spray it all over my hair to add volume.”

A Sephora customer gushed, “I love this texturizing spray! Absolutely the best! It has a very pleasant smell and feel. It makes my hair look voluminous and holds without that frizzy/crunch hairspray feeling. I can brush my hair dry the next day and flat iron again without washing out the spray and it will still look great. You can barely tell the product is in your hair, but it makes all the difference. My secret style weapon.”

“It gives me great beach texture with two strokes of my hot iron. I can style with this spray on day one and get away with my hair on day two with no effort. Love this product,” one commented.

One fan of the product said: “I have a lot of hair but it’s ok you only need a little bit and wow my hair stays amazing all day!”

If you’re looking for more beauty products, I noticed an improvement in my pimples within minutes of using this spot treatment, I’m not even kidding.


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