Top 10 Taylor Swift Music Videos (Ordered by YouTube Views)


Fans are eagerly awaiting and theorizing when Taylor Swift will release her next re-recorded album after that Red was released in November 2021. While some rely heavily on Swift’s cues to guide the 1989 Next, others suspect Speak Now. Either way, Swifties won’t be disappointed because they’re just looking forward to hearing their old favorite songs again for the first time.

As one of the most successful musicians, Swift has an extensive catalog of hits. Some of their most iconic songs are further cemented as legends thanks to the popularity of their music videos.


10 Love Story – 642 million views

Out as the lead single Fearless, “Love Story” set the tone for the album’s hopeful romance. This song peaked at number 4 on the billboard Hot 100, making it her highest-charting hit at the time (via Billboard).

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With texts related to Shakespeare Romeo and Juliet, Swift couples her words with her long, flowing dress to the imagery of the video as she sings from a balcony. While the song begins in modern day high school, Swift is thrown back in time as she dances at a ball with her “Romeo” and sneaks out to him.

9 I don’t want to live forever – 674 million views

In collaboration with Zayn Malik, the two perform “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever” for the film Fifty tones darker. In addition to being one of Swift’s best original songs for a motion picture, the song received a Grammy nomination for Best Song Written for Visual Media.

In the video, Zayn and Swift walk down the hallways to their own hotel rooms. In their rooms, the two destroy their seats until they see a choir singing together, with the last image Taylor singing alone into the camera.

8th We’ll Never Get Back Together – 701 million views

The lead single from Swift’s album, Red, “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” was catchy long before it was in the movies pitch perfect 2. The song received many award nominations, as well as a CMT nomination for Best Music Video.

Filmed in a single continuous take, the video is bright and colorful and suits the song, which borrows from the pop genre. This video manages to turn trying to be convinced to get back together with an ex into something fun and light-hearted that grabs the attention of viewers and listeners alike.

7 Style – 718 million views

“Style” is one of the main reasons why Swifties are most enthusiastic 1989 Songs re-recorded when the album won the Grammy for Album of the Year. While the lyrics have a clear narrative, they describe a relationship that may not be the most enduring, but is nonetheless real and timeless.

In the video, the song’s narrative is less visually clear, instead capturing more of the story’s feelings through abstracted imagery. Director Kyle Newman captured this new side of “style” with Swift’s silhouettes framing natural landscapes and weather, with some scenes featuring those with the “James Dean Daydream Look.”

6 Wildest Dreams – 826 million views

Originally) released on 1989, “Wildest Dreams” has since been one of the few from the album to be re-recorded and released. “Wildest Dreams (Taylor’s Version)” garnered more streams than the original on the day it was released (via Variety).

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Set in Africa on the set of a historical movie in 1950, the video for “Wildest Dreams” tells the story of two co-stars who fall in love (inspired by Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton). Swift donated all proceeds from “Wildest Dreams” to the African Parks Foundation of America (via

5 You belong to me – 1.3 billion views

Although Swift has been re-released Fearless, “You Belong With Me” remains a song that fans feel is better in the original than Taylor’s version. In part, that may be because the original video is one of Swift’s most recognizable and popular from her previous albums. Swift plays both the girl next door who has a crush on her neighbor and the video’s antagonist, the brunette cheerleader. The song and video capture the feeling of being a teenager with a huge crush who can’t help but compare himself to others around him.

4 Look what you got me doing – 1.3 billion views

After their year-long hiatus, Swift kicked her out Call “Look what you’ve made of me” era. The video garnered 43.2 million views within 24 hours of its release, breaking the record for most views in one day (via Variety). The song’s lyrics refer to situations that have tarnished her reputation, and the video picks up where the lyrics left off, playing into satire. Swift features the life media portraying her with some of Swift’s best video Easter eggs, like lying in a bathtub filled with diamonds and a single dollar bill, and also references her old videos.

3 Bad Blood – 1.5 billion views

A big hit from one of Swift’s naughtiest albums1989, “Bad Blood” also stars Swift’s close friends Selena Gomez, Hailee Steinfeld, Gigi Hadid, and Zendaya, among others, helping the video break the record for most views in one day at 20.1 million (via EW). .

The celebrity appearances have helped cement this song as one of her most iconic, as it features Swift and Gomez fighting together over a briefcase until Gomez betrays her, so Swift trains to get back at her. The video ends just as the actual fight between the two begins.

2 Spaces – 3B views

Another hit by 1989 It would be hard to find someone who hasn’t heard it, “Blank Space” was one of the biggest singles of 2015 as it received multiple Grammy nominations. At the MTV Video Music Awards, Swift won Best Pop Video and Best Female Video for “Blank Space.”

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Swift ridicules the media’s portrayal of her as someone who can’t stay in a stable relationship. In the video, Swift believes her boyfriend is cheating and behaves erratically, making herself villainous depending on how the media portrays the end of any relationship as if it were her fault.

1 Shake it off – 3.1 billion views

She spent 50 weeks of her first official pop album, Shake It Off billboard Hot 100 in the US and received three Grammy nominations. As the lead single, This song perfectly brought the tone of the album to the masses as it was more upbeat and catchy.

In a more comedic video for Swift, she explores what it was like for her to discover her identity. Swift portrays someone who’s out of place around cheerleaders and dancers like ballerinas and breakdancers, but it doesn’t put her in phase while she embraces the fun of everything.

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