Videos debunking false Tesla FSD beta claims have been removed from YouTube


Two videos disproving claims that Tesla’s Full Self-Driving runs over children have been removed from YouTube. The videos were in response to a television advertising campaign by Green Hills Software CEO Dan O’Dowd. O’Dowd aired TV ads claiming that Tesla’s FSD software “repeatedly hits kid-sized mannequins,” and clickbait headlines spilled out.

In response to these ads, Tesla FSD beta testers @WholeMarsBlog and Tad Park refuted these ads and uploaded their test to YouTube. These two videos have now been removed from the platform.

Corresponding CNBC, a YouTube spokesman said the videos were removed “as part of the company’s policy on harmful and dangerous content.” after CNBC had stretched out.

Elena Hernandez, the aforementioned YouTube spokesperson, said CNBC, “YouTube does not allow content that depicts minors engaging in dangerous activities or encourages minors to engage in dangerous activities. During the review, we found that the videos sent to us by CNBC Violated our harmful and dangerous policies, so we removed the content.”

@WholeMarsBlog and Tad Park were the two drivers who tested the life-saving software. Tad Park, the CEO of Volt Equity and portfolio manager of VCAR, said CNBC that he believed in his investments and had experienced the product himself. He emphasized that the children had never been in danger and that extensive safety precautions had been taken. He also told it CNBC that he was ready to take over at any time. He also said that in the video.

When @WholeMarsBlog originally posted the video, he tweeted to me that the tests proved that FSD Beta had no problem detecting pedestrians of all ages. He also stressed that the driver has to be careful and that FSD Beta ensures this.

“Our tests have shown that Tesla Full Self-Driving Beta easily recognizes pedestrians of all ages. As long as the driver is alert, which the system ensures, there is no danger to pedestrians even if the software does not recognize them.”

“This is driver assistance and it is not expected to be perfect. It disgusts me that Dan O’Dowd is promoting harmful misinformation for financial gain. He should be prosecuted along with all the broadcasters who ran his ads for false advertising. I don’t have millions to spend on ads like Dan’s, so please share the video on social media so anyone who saw Dan’s ad can also see our test.”

My 2.5¢

I’ve honestly seen videos on YouTube that are more dangerous than testing the software on a vehicle. YouTube allows crypto scammers to not only promote their scams. Many often post deepfake videos of Elon Musk promoting these scams. An example is this.

Additionally, you can do a simple YouTube search and find incredibly dangerous and unsafe stuff that people are uploading themselves. Will YouTube remove any of this? Probably not, and I’m not advocating it either.

This is just my opinion but Tesla’s FSD beta software is something that will save lives and unfortunately there are many industries that benefit from the loss of lives.

Disclaimer: Johnna is Tesla for a long time.

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Videos debunking false Tesla FSD beta claims have been removed from YouTube


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