Why vegan JUST Egg is everywhere this summer: From festivals to surfing competitions


Californian company Eat Just reached an important milestone this summer with its vegan JUST Egg. This month, JUST Egg sold the vegan equivalent of 300 million chicken eggs, a major accomplishment in its mission to disrupt the traditional egg industry with its vegan substitute. Instead of using chickens to make eggs, Eat Just figured out how to turn mung bean protein into a plant-based alternative that scrambles, bakes, and frys just like chicken eggs.

Why do we need a new way of making eggs? More than 1.4 trillion eggs are eaten worldwide every year. Not only is traditional egg production a cruel industry that exploits laying hens’ reproductive systems, it also wreaks havoc on the environment — consuming 93 million acres of land and 51 billion gallons of water — while also creating breeding grounds for zoonoses like bird flu. In contrast, Eat Just’s plant-based egg uses 98 percent less water and 83 percent less land, while producing 93 percent fewer carbon emissions.

Just eat

“Every single plate of scrambled eggs you made, every perfectly fluffy omelet, every last breakfast burrito, they all ate it [an] Impact,” the company posted on social media. “Together we’ve now sold the equivalent of 300 million eggs, which means we’ve saved enough carbon emissions to take 11,364 cars off the road, enough water to fill 16,572 Olympic-size swimming pools and enough land to fill 20 Central to build parks.’

JUST Egg made its retail debut in 2019 and has since expanded to thousands of retailers worldwide. Over the past three years, Eat Just has partnered with a host of ambassadors – including tennis legend Serena Williams, actor Jake Gyllenhal and NBA superstar Chris Paul – to help bring its plant-based eggs to the masses.

The vegan eggs of summer

To further spread the word about its plant-based eggs, Eat Just sampled JUST Egg at some of the hottest events this summer. JUST Egg made itself known as the official plant-based egg sponsor at the Vans US Open of Surfing, held from July 30th to August 7th.

VegNews.USurfenOpen.EatJustJust eat

At the sporting event – which typically features heavier, animal-based fare – stalls selling plant-based egg dishes drew spectators and competitors alike. In the athletes’ lounge, participants were offered vegan sandwiches and full-size breakfast tacos to fuel them up before the tournament. In the main beach area, attendees sampled mini sandwiches and spoon bites made from JUST Egg Folded and their choice of sauce.

Eat Just is also in the process of showcasing the miracle of its plant-based egg at various music festivals across the country, and going head-to-head with typical sponsors like alcohol companies. In May, the company’s vegan eggs made their first appearance at a music festival in Broccoli City in Washington, DC before heading to EDC Vegas. June saw the success of mung bean-based ice cream Beyond Wonderland in George, WA and Bonnaroo in Manchester, TN. Last month, JUST Egg finished a performance at the Levitate Music and Arts Festival in Marshfield, MA.

VegNews.JustEggEDCJust eat

In September, the touring vegan egg wraps up the summer at Los Angeles’ Primavera Sound, where Lorde, Nine Inch Nails and the Arctic Monkeys are expected to draw energetic crowds.

Substitute the chicken and egg

Eat Just turns the old adage “which came first, the chicken or the egg?” on its head with a revolutionary approach. Not only is Eat Just replacing chicken eggs with its vegan alternative, its cultured meat subsidiary GOOD Meat is also working to make chickens obsolete in other ways.

At the end of 2020, Eat Just became the first company in the world to receive official approval for its breeding chicken. Now sold in restaurants across Singapore, GOOD Meat Chicken uses a small cell sample from a live chicken to create a cell line that can be replicated to grow meat in bioreactors – a process similar to beer brewing.

VegNews.GoodMeatChickenGOOD meat

In May, GOOD Meat announced an exclusive multi-year agreement with bioprocessing equipment innovator ABEC, Inc. to design, manufacture, install and commission the world’s largest bioreactors that GOOD Meat will use to process mammalian and avian cells to breed for real meat without slaughtering animals. As part of its new partnership, ABEC will build ten 250,000 liter bioreactors that will serve as the basis for GOOD Meat’s manufacturing facility, which is slated to open in the United States at a location to be announced. At scale, GOOD Meat’s complex will be capable of producing 30 million pounds of cultured meat annually.

Combined with the sale of 300 million units of its vegan JUST Egg, the chicken and egg can be created simultaneously and without the disadvantages of old-fashioned manufacturing.

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