Wike accuses Amaechi of playing politics with the death of Graham Douglas

Rivers State Governor Nyesom Wike has accused his predecessor Rotimi Amaechi of playing politics with the death of Alabo Graham Douglas, noting that the former transport secretary never supported or complied with any requests made by the late senior statesman.

Governor Wike said his administration did everything humanly possible to keep the late Graham Douglas alive and also fulfilled all promises the former governor made and failed to keep.

Governor Nyesom Wike was in the Ogbunabali area of ​​Port Harcourt to commission a state-of-the-art seven storey complex which was rebuilt by his government.

The governor took the opportunity to reply to his predecessor and former transport minister, Rotimi Amaechi; who accused his government of not giving a state funeral for the late Alabo Graham-Douglas.

Governor Wike noted that Rotimi Amaechi was merely using the elderly statesman’s death to gain cheap political points; Unlike Amaechi, who was never there for him, his own government did everything humanly possible to keep Graham-Douglas alive.

He accused Rotimi Amaechi of not supporting or fulfilling any of the promises he had made to the late Elder Statesman.

He added that as a former Secretary of Transportation, Ameachi denied Rivers State what was due him

The governor said he will not hesitate to uncover more dirty secrets about the former governor and former transportation secretary if he continues his campaign of lies against him.

Publisher: Ebuwa Omo-Osagie

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Author: Taiwo Jubril

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