YouTube bans xQc, demonstrates videos


Popular Twitch streamer Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel receives a YouTube ban and his videos are demonstrated as he appeals the claims against him.

Popular Twitch streamers are known to post clips, montages and unique videos separately youtube Channels to ensure viewers across multiple platforms have access to their content. Frequent Twitch stats leader Felix “xQc” Lengyel also has a healthy following on his YouTube channel, but he has been banned and demoed there since yesterday.

Many YouTube content creators have been hit by strikes against copyright and community guidelines over the years, with many debating the veracity of the claims while citing what is preventing their channels from generating revenue. Other major YouTube channels that have received similar strikes recently include TheActMan, H3H3, and Ludwig, although the cause varies by channel. XQc has the latest YouTube account suspended due to questionable community guidelines violations against his account and his videos have been demolished as a result.​​​​


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After being hit by the YouTube ban and demonstrating monetization of his videos, xQc took to Twitter to tell YouTube creators that his videos were unfairly banned for violating the community guidelines. He’s been critical of YouTube removing public dislikes in the past, but xQc’s tweet confirms that many of his videos have been “unnecessarily demonstrated lately” and that this ban prevents him from posting new videos for two weeks. Although he may have gone through YouTube’s private channels to appeal the ban, xQc also requested a manual verification of his account so that it could be restored.

When he’s finished with a live stream, xQc has parts of it formatted and uploaded to YouTube for a crowd of 2.1 million subscribers, which still pales in comparison to his impressive 10.9 million Twitch followers. Many members of xQc’s large community shared his tweet out of concern for the content creator and the hope that his YouTube channel would be quickly restored to active status. Ignoring the current YouTube ban, xQc is no stranger to bans, having previously been banned from its main content hub Twitch and several times from the GTA RP No Pixel Server.

While it remains unclear why xQc has received so many YouTube Community Guidelines violations, other channels have reported issues with targeted campaigns and trolling in the past. While the majority of responses to xQc’s tweet involve sarcastic jokes or envy of his following, H3H3’s Ethan Klein and Ludwig also weighed in, perhaps in reference to when they were in similar positions. Complaints raised by xQc have been shared with the appropriate people youtube team, but the problem is not yet fully resolved.

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