Car loan 0 percent

The customer has to pay on the loan an interest amount of $ 0.00 per day. After all, about 70 percent of all accidents are due to behavioral errors. Stuttering and no interest – the advertising brochures are full everywhere with offers of 0% financing. The old selenography can be found out in no time […]

Personal loan: the 5 questions to ask

  Do you want to renovate your kitchen? Your old car needs to be changed? Want to go to the sun? You do not have the finances to carry out your different projects? One solution: the personal loan. Still, if the latter has many advantages, it is nevertheless necessary to ask the right questions before […]

Credit without spouse

  With good credit, it is usually not difficult to apply for a loan without a spouse. In principle, a second applicant is only necessary if the bank has doubts as to whether a potential customer can meet his payment obligations on his own. Make a loan application Anyone wishing to apply for a loan […]

Credit Card Contactless Payment Closure. How To..

Credit card contactless payment closure , card contactless feature shutdown, credit card contactless payment shutdown feature, credit card contactless payment closes all information about how we will provide in the following article. We can easily say that credit and debit cards have an important position in daily life. In particular, credit cards allow people to […]

Indebtedness: what it is, indicators, types and examples

Currently there are many people, businesses and family environments that are going through debt. But far from the bad image that this concept had years ago, it is now perceived as another means that can help you achieve your goals. Buying something you want or paying for a service you need through a savings plan […]

Finansinspektionen stopped the mortgage repayment requirement

As you probably read about in Mr. Poto’s previous blog post planned for FI (Finansinspektionen) to change the mortgage repayment requirements now in August 2015, but to our and everyone else’s amazement, FI stopped its own proposal. Before the proposal was stopped, everyone assumed that the new rules would start to apply this summer and […]

Credit history

Having a credit is as good or as bad as you let it be. It can be the key to be able to make you of goods that you could not normally get by paying cash or it can be a very heavy commitment to fulfill. Like us, what we want is that you get […]